TV Review: “Feud”–“Hagsploitation” (S1, Ep. 6)

A friend recently remarked to me that, every time he watched an episode of Feud, he felt as if nothing significant had transpired. As I continue to watch, I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with him. While there is still much to love about this series, it does feel like it's beginning to drag a bit, … Continue reading TV Review: “Feud”–“Hagsploitation” (S1, Ep. 6)


Screening History: “Ben-Hur” and the Tragedy of the Might-Have-Been

I went into Ben-Hur with the lowest possible expectations. Critics and audiences alike seemed to disdain the film, and its opening box office was truly abysmal. I was worried that somehow this box office and critical disaster would taint my love for the 1959 version. As sometimes happens, however, the film actually exceeded all of my expectations. … Continue reading Screening History: “Ben-Hur” and the Tragedy of the Might-Have-Been

Screening Classic Hollywood:  “Magnificent Obsession”

Today on "Screening Classic Hollywood," I'm going to talk about Douglas Sirk's 1954 film Magnificent Obsession, starring Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson.  The film tells the story of Bob Merrick (Hudson), a careless playboy whose actions inadvertently cause the blindness of saintly Helen Phillips (Wyman).  Merrick, haunted by both guilt and his growing love for … Continue reading Screening Classic Hollywood:  “Magnificent Obsession”