Fantasy Classics: “Kushiel’s Scion” (by Jacqueline Carey)

Darcy and Winters

Having finished the original Kushiel series, I found
myself longing to immerse myself again in that fascinating and sensual world.
I’d tried once before to read the next three volumes in the series, which focus
on Imriel, but for some reason just couldn’t get into them as much. This time
around, however, I’ve found myself irresistibly drawn to Imriel’s story.

Imriel de la Courcel is a haunted youth. His mother is the most reviled traitor that Terre D’Ange has ever known, and though he tries to be good, the expectations of his fellow nobles (and their scheming) makes it tremendously difficult, if not impossible. When he travels to the ancient and weary city of Tiberium, he finds himself drawn into the clutches of the delicious and erotic noblewoman Claudia Fulvia, who is herself part of the Guild of the Nameless, a sinister group of manipulators. Ultimately, he has to confront…

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