The Benefits of Having Several Projects At Once

Darcy and Winters

Everyone has their own writing process. Some people write for hours at a stretch, some right in bursts. Some enter into a sort of fugue state, where all they can think about is the work at hand. Others flit from writing project to writing project. I’ve always been of the belief that there’s no one method that works for everyone, and that you have to really just find the one that works best for you and go with it, rather than try to fit yourself into some predetermined mold that might not work for you (and that might actually keep you from getting your work done).

Personally, I (KC, that is), like having several projects going on at once. I know that this might sound a bit counterintuitive to some, and there are some drawbacks to it. For me, however, I find it difficult to stay too focused on a…

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